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How to measure your ring size?

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This blog post is all about ring sizes! If you want to find out what size to order online, I'm going to explain what to do step by step. If you already know your ring size, you might want to check the general tips very quick, just to make sure, maybe you'll learn something you didn't know before.

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I don’t know my ring size? What size should I order?
— every new online jewelry customer

General tips

Before you start, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. On which finger do you want to wear the ring?

  2. Also which hand? Because the size of your fingers is different for both of your hands.

  3. Do you want to buy a ring with a wide band or a narrow band? Usually you need a bigger ring size for rings with a wide band.

  4. Are your hands cold or warm when you’re measuring the size? This will give you different size results. For some people ring sizes are even different in winter and summer.

  5. If it is possible, measure your ring size more than once at different times during the day (because your size can be different in the morning / evening). The most ideal moment is in the late afternoon, this usually gives the most correct size. Don’t measure your ring size when you’re just waking up or just did a workout or took a shower, wait a little bit and than measure your size.

  6. When you’re pregnant, you might have a larger ring size then usual.

  7. Ring sizes are different around the world. I use the circumference of the inside of the ring in millimeters, that is the most common way of ring sizing in Europe. But the diameter in millimeter is also used often. If you want to order a ring from the US, ask the seller for a size chart. If you want to order a ring from kornelia and you only know your US size and don’t know what millimeter-size it is, no problem, you can contact me and tell me the US size.

Professional ring size measuring

The easiest and most correct way to find out your exact ring size is to ask a professional to measure it for you, so going to a local jeweler or goldsmith is the best option! If you live nearby my studio, you can make an appointment and I’ll measure your ring size for you.



I know some of you don’t have a professional jeweler nearby, so here is a method to measure your ring size at home:

Use a ring you already wear

You might already have a ring that fits you perfectly, that is a good solution for finding out your ring size. You can take this ring to a local jeweler and let him/her measure this ring for you (this is a perfect solution if you want to find out your partners’ ring size).

So, how do you measure your ring correctly?

First, make sure the ring is still round! Because sometimes it can happen that a ring becomes a bit oval from wearing it a lot, this happens especially with very thin/fine rings. Than put the ring on a ruler that has millimeters (don’t use inches). Make sure you measure the inside diameter of the ring and DON’T include the thickness of the ring itself.

Now you know the inside diameter of your ring and give this to the jeweler as the size of the ring.

Why you shouldn’t use the DIY ring size method with a paper strip (or dental floss)

The steps you find about this method: Cut out a strip op paper and take a pen and a ruler. Wrap this strip tight around your finger and mark where the paper overlaps. Measure from mark to mark, that’s your fingers circumference in millimeters.

So, why not? I’ve seen so many customers ending up with a ring size that is totally wrong. So if you still want to use this method, make sure you try it several times (I also tried it and ended up with different results, it was very inaccurate). If you have the same result all the time and you really want to use this method:

NOTE: keep in mind that these methods aren’t 100% accurate and that you might have to ask for a sizing later, so if you order a ring and you’re not sure if the size is correct, ask the jeweler first what the cost is to re-size a ring. In general a sizing for a silver or gold ring costs €20-€50. If there are gemstones or diamonds involved, or some enamel, it can cost (much) more or may be very difficult, so that’s why it is so important to measure your ring size before buying a ring.

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