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Inspiration is a mistery for some people, one of the questions most customers ask me when we are talking about a design is “How did you come up with that idea?” or “Where do you find inspiration for your work?” So here is a new blogpost today about what inspires me to design and create jewelry. If you don’t like reading, I also made a video about this subject, you can watch it here.



My biggest source of inspiration is nature. That's why you'll find lots of jewelry with a botanical look and feel. The organic shapes and all the little details in flowers and plants, like seeds etc. , really inspire my imagination. Sometimes nature is beautiful just as it is. But as a designer, I am always trying to create a new composition for example by combining different elements from nature together or by adding something of my own.



I'm inspired by nature, that also means I am inspired by animals, and you will also find a lot of  (funny & cute) animal jewelry in my collections. Those figurative jewelry pieces want to tell you a story. When I am creating them it feels like miniature-sculpting and I love to create something that is not like every other piece of jewelry you can buy. These little figures and animals are mostly inspired by (old) stories, fairy tales and dreams. It is nice when people spontaneously start to smile when they notice someone wearing jewelry by kornelia or when they start a conversation about the jewelry with the wearer.

I love books, especially old ones. I don’t even have to read the books, just opening a book can already spark my imagination.


So many times I am also inspired by my customers and followers. You guys are the best! Some examples:

  • When I was working on some new pieces with details from nature a couple made an appointment to visit my studio and asked if I could create something similar with seeds from their own garden, from their own favorite plants and flowers. I loved this project!

  • I made a Horse ring (a ring with a horse head) and one of my followers on Instagram suggested to make a variation from this design: a unicorn!


While I’m working at my bench, doing the no-thinking parts of the work like filing, sanding,…for hours and hours, I love to listen to podcasts like Creative Pep Talk or watch You Tube video’s from Frannerd, Minnie Small, Stardust Mine, … (actually I don’t really watch, more listen, because you know, I still need my eyes to work haha). I can also really find inspiration from scrolling on Pinterest or the Instagram accounts of some of my creative friends, but I limit my time online, since if I’m looking at what others make for too long, it has the opposite effect: I’ll feel overwhelmed or I’ll start doubting my own ideas.

The most important thing I do to feel inspired:


Whenever I feel uninspired, I just have to push myself to start. Because inspiration kicks in as soon as I start! I have the tendency to over-think and have to remind myself to stop thinking and start doing! Because when I start, I feel like a kid again, with new ideas popping up in my mind constantly and Ii love that feeling of letting my creative imagination flow! Maybe you can relate?